Session A: Knowledge Transfer Case Studies (1)
Chair: Edward Friel, University of Ulster 
Paper No Title Author Other Authors
InKT-003 Using Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis to aid the selection of Enterprise Resource Planning software: A case study Mr Ross Parkhill (DMEM University of Strathclyde, Glasgow) Professor Valerie Belton, Professor Umit Bititci, Miss Catherine Maguire, Mr Alan Roberts, Dr Marisa Smith
InKT-006 Applying the Structural Complexity Management to Knowledge Transfer in Small and Medium-Sized Companies Dr. Maik Maurer (Institute of Product Development, TUM) Mr Alexander Benz, Dr. Hermann Klinger
InKT-014 Establishing a Business Process Management System in a Telecoms Company Dr Stewart Green (University of the West of England) Mr Ali Abughoush, Mr Ian Beeson, Mr Tim Hill, Mr Justin Nwakacha
InKT-015 Critiquing Business Process Models to Facilitate the Identification and Selection of Optimal IT Systems Dr Stewart Green (University of the West of England) Mr Michael Back, Mr Stephen Batty, Mr Joe Jewell, Mr Martin Webber
InKT-030 Outcomes and Benefits of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership in Chemical Science Dr Ian Bradshaw (Liverpool John Moores University.) Dr Neil Rosenburgh, Dr Linda Seton
InKT-045 Information management process sharing knowledge at worldwide steel company Master Gabriela Alves (FEAD - Brazil) Phd Jorge Neves
Session B: Knowledge Transfer in the Arts and Community
Chair: Charlene Edwards, Kingston University
Paper No Title Author Other Authors
InKT-043 The margins of Art practise bordering on industrial development Professor Stephen Hoskins (University of the West of England,Bristol)
InKT-046 The Manifesto of Possibilities: Commissioning Public Art in Urban Environments Dr Cameron Cartiere (Birkbeck, University of London)
InKT-037 LCACE and the role and impact of Knowledge Exchange between the research base and the arts and cultural sectors in London. Prof Sally Taylor (London Centre for Arts and Cultural Exchange)
InKT-042 Innovating Knowledge Transfer in the Social Sphere; a move to Knowledge Exchange Miss Ceri Davies (University of Brighton)
InKT-053 Enterprise Education as a Means of Developing Social Inclusion Dr Martha Mador (Kingston University) Mr Ben Walford
InKT-002 Outcomes from a cross sector knowledge transfer partnership: Heritage2Health Ms Theresa Nash Ms Denise Forte, Mr Tom Clarke, Dr Pat Brown, Dr Heather Smith, Ms Catherine Bloodwoth
Session C: Innovative Knowledge Transfer Techniques
Chair: Sharon Phillips, University of Sussex
Paper No Title Author Other Authors
InKT-041 Facilitating knowledge transfer to drive innovation in SMEs Dr. Ileana Hamburg (IAT, FH Gelsenkirchen) Prof. Dr. Mihnea Marin
InKT-005 The Use of Open Source Software Licensing in Academia Mr Stephen Marshall (University of Glasgow)
InKT-056 Knowledge transfer and management in networked open innovation environments:Innovation management from the viewpoint of a company Dr. Petra Turkama (Center for Knowledge and Innovation Research, HSE) Ms. Tuija Heikura
InKT-025 A Completely New and Free International Portal for Technology Seeking or Technology Marketing Mr Mark Thompson (The University if Manchester Intellectual Property Ltd)
InKT-049 Using Emotional Intelligence and NLP training to promote and sustain relationships within KTPs Ms Ruth Slater (University of Central Lancashire) Dr Ailsa Brotherton, Dr Christina Lyons, Dr Karen Whittaker
InKT-054 Innovative knowledge transfer mechanisms and the potential role for theatric methods in the propagation of good data handling practice. Mr Fintan Clear (Brunel University)
Session D: Strategic and Organisational Approaches to Knowledge Transfer
 Prof Cecilia Zanni-Merk, INSA-Strasbourg, France)
Paper No Title Author Other Authors
InKT-044 Occurrence and influencing variables of knowledge barriers in knowledge-intense domains Dipl.-Kffr. Carolin Fiechter (Universität der Bundeswehr München) Prof. Dr. Eva-Maria Kern, Mr Christoph Kuderna
InKT-052 Applied Imagination - Designing Innovative Knowledge Transfer Approaches Dr Leon Cruickshank (ImaginationLancaster, Lancaster University) Mr Martyn Evans, Ms Alison Mather
InKT-001 Knowledge Transfer Partnerships at the University of the West of England Mr Gareth White (University of the West of England) Mr Ian Freeth, Dr Xiaojun Wang
InKT-035 The InterAct Project: A unique collaboration between six leading UK PSREs Dr Louise Sarup (IP Pragmatics Limited) Dr Louise Byass, Dr Rupert Osborn
InKT-050 The Yorkshire Enterprise Fellowship Scheme Dr Lindsay Georgopoulos (YTKO Consulting Ltd) Dr Suzanne Emmett
InKT-033 CITE: Centre for Innovation & Technology Exploitation Dr Tony Allen (Nottingham Trent University)
InKT-034 Knowledge Transfer and the National Physical Laboratory Mr Tim Jones (National Physical Laboratory) Mr Phil Cooper, Mr Francis Tuffy, Dr Stuart Windsor
Session E: Knowledge Transfer Case Studies (2)
Chair: Dr David Brown, Portsmouth University
Paper No Title Author Other Authors
InKT-099 The Virtual Engineer Dr David Brown (Portsmouth University) Dr Farshad Fahimi, Dr Lee Fenney
InKT-058 StorePOINT: Revolutionising Art Work Production Mrs Mary Thomson (Kingston University) Mr Mark Alford, Mr Richard Thompsom, Mr Rick Z Xu
InKT-059 A Multidisciplinary Knowledge Transfer Partnership in Development of Lift Simulator Professor Andrew Ordys (Kingston University London) Mr Richard Burley, Dr Andrew Curley, Dr Jaroslaw Francik, Mr Adrian Godwin, Mr Piotr Smolenski
InKT-060 Using information systems to drive process change: an aerospace industry example from the Knowledge Transfer Partnership scheme Dr Martin Wynn (University of Gloucestershire Business School) Mr Raul Brandao
InKT-061 SME Supplier Management: An exercise in change management Mr Russell Harbison (Buckinghamshire New University) Mrs Shilar Bryant
InKT-013 Integrated Care e-Pathways using Formic Fusion for patients undergoing elective hip and knee replacements Mr Mohammed Rizwan (Durham University & University Hospital Hartlepool) Dr Eileen Scott, Dr Oliver Vogt
Session F: Innovation and Enterprise
Paper No Title Author Other Authors
Chair: Dr Debbie Buckley-Golder, AEAT
InKT-009 The Scottish Innovation Ecosystem and KTP Dr Alasdair Cameron (West of Scotland KTP Centre)
InKT-018 Integral conceptual design workshop: Innovation by knowledge transfer and knowledge creation Wim Zeiler (Technische Universiteit Eindhoven) Ir. Perica Savanovic
InKT-038 An evaluative inquiry of university innovation mentor facilitation of service innovation Prof John Sparrow (Birmingham City University) Ms Michele Mooney, Ms Krystyna Tarkowski
InKT-016 Knowledge Transfer Aspects of Project Portfolio Management Dr. Vladimir Stantchev (Berlin Institute of Technology) Mr. Andreas Discher, Mr. Marc Franke
InKT-047 An Infrastructure for Innovation - A Regional Perspective Mr Eddie Friel (Head of Business Liaison and Academic Enterprise) Mr Tim Brundle
InKT-026 The LSBU Enterprise Associate Scheme - an Enterprising Approach to Entrepreneurship. Dr Sheila Grace (London South Bank University) Dr Ed Tinley
Session G: Knowledge Transfer Methodology and Practice
Chair: Debbie Lock, Kingston University
Paper No Title Author Other Authors
InKT-004 Exploring the Safety of Knowledge Transfer from University Hospital to "Real-Life" Doctor-Patient Treatment Professor Simon Thompson (Bournemouth University)
InKT-020 Knowledge Transfer for Supporting the Organizational Evolution of SMEs Dr. Cecilia Zanni-Merk (LGECO - INSA de Strasbourg) Dr. Philippe Bouché, Dr. Nathalie Gartiser, Mr. Henri-Pierre Michaud, Dr. Dominique Renaud
InKT-032 Knowledge-based New Product Development through Knowledge Transfer and knowledge Innovation Assistant Professor ming, chang Lee (Fooyin University, Taiwan)
InKT-055 Cross-Functional Collaboration, Knowledge Transfer and Product Innovativeness: Contingency Effects of Social Context Associate Professor Dirk De Clercq (Brock University) Assistant Professor Dimo Dimov, Assistant Professor Narongsak Thongpapanl
InKT-008 Marketing Knowledge Exchange: A Bespoke approach Dr Alasdair Cameron (West of Scotland KTP Centre)