Invited Speakers

We are pleased to have been able to secure the services of two excellent keynote speakers for the conference.

Sir Brian Fender CMG MInstKT

Chairman and President of the Institute of Knowledge Transfer

Innovation and Knowledge Transfer; The Role of the Individual


Innovation and Knowledge Transfer are now major policy areas for governments around the world. However despite the importance of these activities in a highly competitive world, freshly enhanced by major global challenges and economic crises, there is often a lack of clarity around the processes involved. This will be explored by reference to historically important inventions and to the emergence of innovation and knowledge transfer as areas of legitimate study. Although the role of individuals in 'Eureka' style discoveries is usually understood we need to ask how important is the role of an individual in the now big scale conversion of R&D into benefits for the economy and society? Taking account of changes in business and universities the talk will point to the increasingly vital role for Knowledge Transfer practitioners as individuals as well as how some new expectations are supported by the Institute of Knowledge Transfer.

Biography Sir Brian Fender

Sir Brian Fender has been an active member of the Knowledge Transfer industry for most of his career having been Chief Executive of the Higher Education Funding Council for England from 1995-2001 and Chairman of BTG plc from 2003-2008.

Prior to that he was Vice-Chancellor of Keele University, Associate Director and Director of the Institut Laue-Langevin in Grenoble, France and Chairman of the Science Board of the UK's Science and Engineering Research Council. He is a graduate and Fellow of Imperial College. He is a Director of Higher Aims Ltd, a private consultancy involved in higher education and research management. Sir Brian is a Fellow of the Institute of Physics and the Royal Society of Chemistry and a Companion of the Chartered Management Institute. He has honorary degrees or fellowships from 12 universities and colleges.

Dr Claire Graves

Head of Knowledge Transfer and Economic Impact, RCUK

The RCUK’s Knowledge Transfer and Economic Impact Strategy

Biography Dr Claire Graves

Dr Claire Graves, Head of Knowledge Transfer and Economic Impact, Research Councils UK Strategy Unit, has worked for the Research Councils since 2000, and in the Research Councils UK (RCUK) Strategy Unit for the last two years, previously covering research policy. Since June she has had responsibility for the co-ordination and strategic delivery of the cross-Council Economic Impact agenda.

  • Hampton Court Palace

    • Unico Annual Conference
      10-12 June 2009
      Brighton, UK
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