The Conference Programme as a PDF document can be downloaded from
.. here ..

Presentation Schedule

The list of InnovationKT sessions and presented papers is available .. here ..

Powerpoint Presentation Slides

The slides used by authors for their presentations are available (converted to PDF) here.

Plenary Sessions: Keynote talks

Session A: Knowledge Transfer case Studies (1)

Session B: Knowledge Transfer in the Arts and Community

Session C: Innovative Knowledge Transfer Techniques

Session D: Strategic and Organisational Approaches to Knowledge Transfer

Session E: Knowledge Transfer case Studies (2)

Session F: Innovation and Enterprise

Session G: Knowledge Transfer Methodology and Practice

Presentation Timing

Each oral presentation slot is 20 minutes in length, allowing for 15 minutes for the presentation and 5 minutes for questions / changeover. Timing is tight so all authors are asked to keep to time. Session chairs have been asked to stop speakers when their time is finished.

Session Chairs' Duties

The role of Session Chairs during the conference is to:-
  • Manage the Session.
  • Where possible, to meet the presenting authors 5-10 minutes before the start of the session in the session room.
  • At the start of the session, to announce the session title and welcome those attending.
  • Introduce each speaker at the start of their presentation.
  • Ensure the speaker keeps to time, and finishes promptly at the end of the time allowed for speaking (15 minutes).
  • Ask for questions to the presenter from those attending the session. If there are no questions from the floor it is polite to ask one yourself!
  • Ensure that the total time of 20 minutes for each paper is not exceeded.
  • At the end of the Session, thank those who have presented and those who have attended.
We thank Session Chairs for their valuable contribution to the conference.

  • Hampton Court Palace

    • Unico Annual Conference
      10-12 June 2009
      Brighton, UK
      More details available